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Thermal Termite Inspections Sydney  

How To Inspect For Termites   

See our “live” demonstration of how we conduct an extremely thorough termite inspection using the Fluke TiR 32 Thermal imaging camera utilising IR Fusion Technology. 

This powerful camera has a thermal sensitivity of ≤ 0.04 °C at 30 °C (40 mK) & temperature ranges from -20 °C centigrade to 150 °C centigrade  (-4 °F Fahrenheit to 302 °F Fahrenheit). 

The TiR32 is state of the art termite inspection technology:

Video Transcript:

I’m conducting a thermal imaging inspection in this house. It’s picking up mainly sunlight although it can pick up the framework of what’s behind the walls.

It’s all blue now because there’s no heat radiating, but if we go to put some heat on it – for example my hand… 

I’ll put my hand up here for a little while for it to absorb the heat, for the heat to absorb into the wall & I’ll come back and I’ll have a look.

Where I put my hand now – that will stay there as long as the heat stays in.  So perhaps for another five minutes or so, but this is what we use to to pick up termites.

So it won’t pick up a single line of termites.  That won’t generate enough heat to to register on the machine, but it will pick up on any wall nests that are in the area.

It will also pick up sunlight as I’ve mentioned before & we’ll pick up electricals. None of these have been turned on for a while.  

Oh, that will also pick up reflections, metallic reflections. So it’s picking up the metal on their surfaces it’s just reflected heat.

The hand is still there so it’s only been a couple of minutes.

Let’s check out the the rest of the house.  Now I prefer to do this when there’s no air conditioning on because I want to get the the real heat that’s emanating.

So yeah, we  generally ask the client to turn off the air conditioner so we don’t get any false readings and we’ll go through the house. 

This is a granny flat in Middle Dural so it’s only a fairly small residence.  A couple of rooms.  Hasn’t had a history of termites at all.  

Again this is picking up a reflected reflection on metal so that that’s not necessarily generating any heat.

We’ll also pick up cold areas. I will compare the normal temperature with cold areas so we can pick up where there’s a lack of insulation for example.

Or there might be a water problem up in the roof from a cracked tile or whatever.  I know it’s used in engineering to pick up worn belts, gears or anything that gets overheated from overuse.

…and switchboards particularly, but what we use them for is to pick up any obvious signs of termites.  And the flute camera is one of the the most sophisticated cameras in the industry. 

That’s why we use it. It cost us $17,000 when we first got it and you can see the heat from that handprint starting to fade, but it’s still there after a few minutes.

It’s a very sensitive piece of equipment.  

If you’re after the very best termite inspection and you’re worried about termites or you just want to make sure the property that you buy is protected against termites and has no termite infestation please give us a call.  That’s Bruce from A1 Pest Control in Sydney.”

 Termites or ‘white ants’ are a large pest issue in Australia, particularly in Sydney’s suburbs. The biggest problem with termites is that they can cause substantial economic damage to your property if left untreated.  

Not only do termites cause economic damage, but they also attract other pests by providing a year round food source for predators.

Picture: Peter making use of the extension with our t3i Termite Radar.DSCN9310

According to CSIRO statistics, in previous years the rates for termites within Sydney homes has been rising, putting every home owner at high risk of property damage. 

While a termite’s main source of food is wood, brick veneer constructions within Sydney’s termite prone zones are not safe from termite attack.  

As all areas of Sydney and greater Sydney are at high risk of termite infestations, it is highly likely that termites are in your neighbourhood!

Termites can make their way into the homes of neighbours through the extensive network of underground tunnels they create. 

These tunnel systems are often as far as one hundred metres away from the main nest colony. This means if your neighbour has termite damage, you are likely to as well.

Therefore, you would be putting your home at high risk, and your pocket in danger of significant future financial consequences by not getting termite inspections for your home!   

Picture: The handy t3i pairs with the smartphone app to deliver instant data and graphs


The best way to control termites in your neighbourhood before they cause significant issues to your home is to arrange regular and thorough termite inspections with your local pest control company. 

A1 Pest Control uses the latest technology combined with sound traditional visual methods of termite inspection. Using thermal imaging, combined with tradition methods of inspection required by the Australian Standards, you will have the satisfaction of an accurate understanding of potential termite activity in your home.

A thermal termite inspection is the best method of detecting termites and termite damage within your home. 

Using the latest technology in a thermal inspection as well as a visual inspection will ensure the detection of not only active termites, but also inactive nests and termite damage within your walls, subfloor and roof. In turn, giving you peace of mind to know your inspection was comprehensive and worth both your money and time! 

While thermal inspections cost more than a normal visual termite inspection, they have a lot of added benefits.  Thermal imaging works by detecting heat energy shown on the surface of walls and building materials caused by active termites within walls of your home. 

Using infrared technology the operator has access to understanding the areas in which termites are moving through the home and what is attracting them to these areas.

Picture: The Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera – incredibly sensitive regarding any temperature changes. This is a fun shot showing the hot spots on a couple of our budgies.

A1 Pest Control 01-28

Thermal imaging locates termite risk areas, moisture damage, poor structural framing and other issues normally hidden by wall linings. This is extremely valuable to home owners as it can help eradicate problems such as mould growth and decay within the early stages… saving you money in the long run!

It’s better to have a quality inspection for a few extra few dollars, with so much added benefit than to have a low-cost inspection that is a thorough waste of time. Using A1s  moisture and thermal options you will gain peace of mind and a thorough understanding of termites within your home. 

Thermal Termite Inspections Sydney

Homes within the Hills district of Sydney are at high risk of termite damage!

That’s why A1 Pest Control has invested in the highest quality products and equipment for termite inspections, including Fluke’s top of the line Thermal imaging camera.

Using the equipment from a Thermal Termite Inspection an A1 pest operator is able to demonstrate to you where active termites may be living within the linings of your walls. 

Using heat detection via infrared technology the camera is able to locate large termite mud nests that generate enough heat to produce heat signals.


Often, a cluster of termite activity can alter the temperature of a wall lining, increasing the temperature to a warm environment. 

This heat is revealed through the thermal imaging camera. 

This is used to find out the patterns of movement made by termites, making it easier to eradicate the colony from your home.

Secondly, as termites come and go to certain sites at different times of year, the thermal termite camera will be most useful in finding active termite concentrations. 

Once found, these active termite clusters can be eradicated with low-toxic chemicals WITHIN problem areas. In comparison, a visual inspection would not allow us to find the exact location of termite clusters, leaving it up to guess work and using more chemicals than may be needed in the home. 

Using thermal imaging the problem of overusing chemicals can be avoided, saving you money on expensive chemicals and drastically reducing the total cost of a treatment!

Thirdly, the thermal imaging camera used by A1 pest control helps identify any moist or damp areas in walls and floors, helping you find leaks and moisture within the wall linings which could save you money on your water bill.

It is clear that the Thermal Termite Inspection is the better choice for a termite inspection in your home. Using those extra few dollars to detect the termites in the right area will give you added peace of mind that you have used your money wisely.

But as thermal imaging detects all sorts of heat in the home it is important to think of a few things before we come.


Together with thermal imaging and a comprehensive visual inspection, A1 pest control is able to provide you the best quality inspection, and save you from financial consequences down the line. For peace of mind, or a free quotation email us at or call us on 0417 251 911 for a free quotation!  

"We first used A1 Pest Control a few years ago when we noticed a few termites under a wine barrell in the rear yard of our home. We asked A1 Pest Control Sydney to pay us a visit to have a thorough termite inspection of our home. Bruce and his crew were on time, and very well presented. They explained how they would get rid of the termite infestation using a low toxic method and how their Thermal cameras worked, It worked very well and now we can sleep at night!"
Gary and Carol Harman
"We have been using Bruce form A1 Pest Control for over 4 years now. We bought our new house on the Hills Area, and moved in. our neighbours had problem with rodents and spiders so they are using A1 next door. I asked them if they could come over and treat our house too, as i didn't want to chase pest around our home. The service was not only effective, but carried out without any smelly fumes that we have experienced in our last house. They solved problem next door and I haven't seen a bug since."
Melissa Topper
"A1 Pest Control exterminators where great! I'm very happy to say that they solved a bed bug problem that I had after we had visitors from overseas visit us. I would recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone needing a safe and effective treatment of bed bugs"
Amanda Wu
"Bruce solved our commercial pest control problem in Castle Hill. Cockroaches were throughout our factory and they were completely gone after two visits from his exterminators. Just seeing one cockroach can lose us clients. I know now everyhing is ok, and our reputation is intact"
Raj Beri, Europa International
"Bruce from A1 Help us get rid of a bad spider infestation that have been troubling us for a while. It was done with low toxic spray and his crew even game me some cockroach and ant baits to get rid of them. I have recommended A1 to all my friends and family"
Carmel Thomas
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