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by Bruce Gow

Hi Bruce,

I like to thank you and your team for a pest control job well done. Peter’s customer service was just outstanding.

"Knowing that we have small children in the house, he took the time to explain in length the treatment he was about to do for us and that is was safe for us and our kids. He was on time, professional and polite."

"I highly recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone looking for great customer service, safe and effective treatment and to top it all off at a very good price."

Thank you,

Michaela & Dave Marsfield

Below is a small clip where our pest control operator, Peter Donnelly, describes termite activity and evidence on a property in The Hills District, NSW.

We have now acquired the best termite inspection & detection tools in the industry, a Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera and Termatrac's latest detection device, the T3I. Less than 5 firms in Sydney have this powerful pest management combination!

Visual termite inspections are only guesswork as the pest inspector can only rely upon sight, tapping timbers with a plastic donger, and moisture meters that pick up moisture readings!

Wouldn't you rather have the most accurate inspections available in the industry for your most valuable asset?

If pest control is a problem for you, then we are your solution! Our Pest Exterminators will protect your home your from all types of Cockroaches, Mice, Ants, Termites, Spiders, Wasps, Bees, Rats, Bed Bugs or any pests that are causing you grief, and that's 100% Guaranteed!

Our Pest Technicians also give you protection against Fleas, Rodents, bird mites, lice or other garden pests.

If these types of vermin are causing problems for you or your family, please let us know today by calling Bruce on 0417 251 911, or send us a message for a free quote and advice about Pest Control Sydney Metropolitan area in NSW.

Termite Inspections?

If you are ever required to undergo a home building inspection when you are buying or selling your home, we are able to provide very concise pest reports, (also knownas a pest inspections) termite reports and of course, advise you on your best protection against TERMITES.

We also consult to other timber inspection firms for problem jobs that have undertaken certified inspection reports that haven't picked up problems because of lack of access.

We Are A Proudly Australian Owned Business
- not like "Flick Pest Control" & "Rentokil" as they aren't Australian firms in our industry, but foreign owned.

Some time ago now the Danish fim ISS bought out our Flick pest control and their hygiene services business from WD Flick & Co Pty Ltd.

Rentokill's head office isn't in Australia, it's in Leeds & Edinburough UK.

A1 pest control Sydney is proudly Australian family owned business, and is based in Bella Vista, NSW, Australia.

Its owner, Bruce Gow has over 30 years experience & accreditation in the safe protection of homes, Factories, Commercial Offices, Child Care Centres, all types of Schools, Government Buildings and Halls.

My sister Jenny owns A1 Pestcontrol Canberra, our ACT division.

Need environmentally safe treatment for Garden pests, Termite pest control (or sometimes called white-ants) fleas, spiders, ants, rats and mice, cockroaches, rodents and other vermin? Care to Flick through our webpages to find your amalgamated pest control information? Also see our Pest Control and Termite Control tips.

Termites of course are our specialty, especially providing protection for your new home or when they invade your home or business.

Ask us before you book about your 100% risk free money back guarantee if we can't solve your problem!

Just email bruce@A1pestcontrol.com.au for more information.

A1 Pest Control has highly trained, licensed pest technicians servicing all Metropolitan areas of Sydney, Australia. Email us at bruce@A1pestcontrol.com.au for contact details, or just some "no obligation" advice on your situation, or call 0417 251 911 for great free advice.

Our major clients include a variety of Federal, State and Local Government Departments, Hotels, Motels and Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Care, Clubs and Restaurants.

Problems with termites?
We help stop your problem job from becoming a nightmare! We ONLY use non-toxic and low toxic products to rid your home and business from annoying and damaging pests. Email us at bruce@A1pestcontrol.com.au for free advice and information on your bug situation, or call 0417 251 911 for help in most of Sydney's metropolitan locatons.

Safe For You & Your Family
All of our methods are low toxic or non-toxic. Our Sentricon baits & Termidor termite barrier treatments will fix all chronic termite infestations quickly and safely.

We recommend TermX and Homeguard for pre-construction protection of your home or business.

See our website on Termite Irrigation (Also known as reticulation or replenishment) for renewable termite protection around your home.

Rest assured, all our operators are licensed, and we have compliance with all OH&S regulations. Our operators use hi-tech, economic solutions to your termite problems.
Termatrac termite tracking tools

Pest Management Sydney

Safety, environmental care and customer service are our foremost concerns when treating your home or business.

We will never, ever any use fuming-type insectides that will help drive you right out of your home. Also we promise NEVER to slop pools of spray all over your floors. Some of our competition have a really bad reputation for that sort of negligence, and we will not go down that path.

Only environmentally aware are responsible treatments are ever performed by our firm, and our informed pest management breaks down the breeding cycle using very low or non-toxic insecticides & pesticides.

How long does it take to finish a typical treatment?
Normally a trained, licensed technician will take around an hour or less for most suburban homes and a little longer for termite inspections and pest reports.

Most businesses are serviced in under an hour, as we will only treat the infested areas of the property.

We are worried about the smell. are there any smells inside after treatment?
No, there is no chance of that. Our low-toxic insecticides are 100% odour-free inside the interior of buildings and on the outside there may have a slight odour until it is dry - on most days it will dry in under a half an hour.

What does a service cost?
The cost will vary depending upon your individual needs and your situation. Call us any time to find out exactly which of our plans will suit your needs. You are welcome to talk to at any time to our informed technicians or our office staff who will quickly guide you to your best plan.

Call between business hours today to find out any futher information with absolutely no pressure to order any of our services on my mobile 0417 251 911 or send us a message for your free quote and our advice.

Below is a video detailing some of the equipment used in our General Pest treatment.

Super Accurate & Economic Detection of Termites is our Methodology!

Do you know that standard moisture meters will only pick up moisture, Thermal imaging cameras may detect just sources of heat, but only our Termatrac equipment can pick up actual termite activity! See some of the astonishing Termatrac Case Studies

Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide

Easily detect termite risk areas by accurately identifying heat sources generated by termites within common building structures. Excellent distance-to-spot ratio for quick area scanning.

Moisture Sensor

Easily detect potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture. As easy to use as a traditional Moisture Meter.

Bluetooth wireless link to PDA Unit

PDA data analysis, storage and easy report generation. Additional customer data on hand. Basic PDA / Handheld computer functionality also accessible.

Home Inspection, Pest report or Termite Inspection. What’s the difference? Call us today about these terms and get great advice about drainage problems and ventilation.

We have fully accredited Termidor technicians who use Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) for your low toxic and non-toxic solutions.

Eliminate your white-ant concerns faster, saving you time, expenses and heartache.

We use Termidor for Sydney termite control - a new environmentally safe breakthrough in termite management. "People are in the habit of getting pest reports and termite inspections when they purchase a new home, but a lot of the time, that is the last inspection they ever get".

For Pre-construction termite protection we use "HomeGuard" and are proudly Eflex Accredited Operators. HomeGuard products must also be installed by a FMC HomeGuard Accredited Operator to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty.

Bruce Gow says; "I often inspect homes after the damage is already done and the owner finds signs of infestation. When I find active subterranean termites and ask about what sort of termite protection is in place, I often get confused looks on the faces of clients.

They often say that their pests such as spiders, cockroaches, rodents, fleas, etc are ok and have always been treated yearly.

That doesn't actually mean that their homes are going to be safe from termite infestation!

If you want an accurate account of your best asset (your home) you will need to at least have 12 monthly termite inspections according to the Australian Standard 3660. Pest reports by competent technicians are more important in today's world than ever before."

Termidor termite barriers combined with termite baits are our best recommendation for long term white ant management. If you are renting, moving out, and fleas need to be treated, see our page on End of Lease Flea Treatment

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"In my business my good name of being honest, professional & reliable is paramount to my commitment to both vendors & purchasers.

I do not recommend people unless I can trust that they can offer superior service.

With this in mind I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce Gow & A1 Pest Control."

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