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Termite Inspection Tools – Termatrac’s Best Tracking Devices

“After 3 decades in the pest control business Bruce Gow has said that he proudly uses Termatrac products to take care of your termite problems!” – Bruce Gow

Termatrac has a reached a fantastic development in termite inspections. In over 30 years of pest control, I have never discovered any other termite tracking system that works this well on so many levels.

The T3i breaks new ground with termite inspections in Australia. Its the best and only 3-in-1 advanced termite tracking termatrac-banner2system.

The 3 most effective, technological tools to discover, find, as well as verify the existence of subterranean termites are now here.

Traditional intrusive methods of breaking open & damaging your home in the hope of trying to find termite activity – is now a thing of the past with our company.

The tools are a Thermal Imaging Camera, a Moisture Meter and a Termite Detection Radar.

1. A Remote Thermal Indicator along with Laser beam diagnose possible termite entry locations by way of temperature differentials;


2. A Moisture Meter in order to recognize moisture content ranges favourable to termites.
Termites require high moisture in order to survive as well as increase in numbers, therefore they’ll look for the places of greater dampness to thrive & further expand their colonies;



3. A Termite Detection Radar to precisely diagnose as well as verify the existence of termites


Oh, and did I mention that we now carry a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Additionally, seamless Wireless Bluetooth connection integration to a PDA allows the performance and information from all of these 3 critical systems to become effortlessly handled, analyzed, as well as built-into inspection records.

Harmful attacks of termites may produce warmth and humidity within building structures. The Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide included in the T3i handheld device signals the technician to termite activity locations through discovering regions of high temperatures.

All I have to do is direct the T3i hand held device with a laser beam to search internal areas of your home. The heat readings for the Personal digital assistant system enables me to find out risky places that termites might be inhabiting.

The Termatrac T3i additionally includes a Moisture Indicator allowing the technician to effortlessly determine regions of surplus dampness to recognize and ensure probable risk locations for termites.

All the technician would need to perform is check out the surface region (like a wall structure) using the T3i, that will provide a moisture reading as well as chart graph for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) system allowing the detection of probable termite threat regions.

When discovering a termite risk region while using Moisture Meter and/or Thermal Indicator, our trained technician next squeezes 1 button within the T3i to change over to Radar function. The technician sets the T3i device from the suspect area for the Termite Detection Radar in order to identify the movements of subterranean termites.

A bar chart on the PDA displays the activity amount of all termites found.

The 3-in-1 performance from the T3i allows the inspector to discover termites as well as aid to uncover entry points, nests and mud leads.

No Need to Break Open Walls or Other Building Materials

One of the main benefits of this system not even needing to break open walls or any other destruction of building materials. It assures more efficient termite treatments as all active termites will be found and dealt with via low toxic termiticides.

Believe me, there is nothing more disconcerting than busting open walls and finding nothing going on.

As termites don’t ever stop moving, need moisture and produce heat, we are now able to use this system without the need to bore holes or disturb activity.

The data from the Remote control Thermal Indicator, the Moisture Meter & the Termite Detection Radar is captured by the PDA. Wireless Bluetooth data transmitting in the T3i device to the PDA allows information to become very easily analysed.

In addition the inspector’s user comments & notes may be logged onto the PDA at the inspections. Termite activity found and all readings regarding temperatures and moisture is later backed up to a personal computer.

The T3i is a small and powerful hand held device that may be carried securely on a pest experts device belt. It is very easy to use, even in restricted areas.

“After our clients have witnessed this new technology, they won’t accept anything less to take care of their homes.”

They now regard it as the only tool they trust to detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites.

Article authored by Bruce Gow

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