A1 Pest control has been servicing the Eastern suburbs and surrounding areas for approximately 35 years. Our business aims to use non toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for you and your family. This region is particularly prone to  termite, cockroach, termite and rodent infestations. Termites are highly destructive and can destroy the wooden foundations in your house making it unsafe to live in, resulting in a significant inconvenience if not treated. And the best way to prevent your home from becoming infested with any of these pests is to have regular Pest Inspections conducted, this ensures that you’re always in control of your home and know whether Call us on 0417 251 911 and we can book you in for a Pest Inspection, Pre-Purchase Property Inspection, Pest and Building Inspection or a Termite Inspection (Visual or Thermal).

Elizabeth bay is situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney  and is only 3km away from the CBD. Elizabeth bay is also home to a historical house that is available to be viewed by the public.  Most houses in this area are Victorian terraced style house. These older houses generally have subfloors making an excellent refuge for domestic pests such as spiders, cockroaches and rodents.

Elizabeth Bay Apartment veiw
Elizabeth Bay Apartment veiw (Harbour Bridge is visible)