Effective Pest Control Solutions for Glenorie Homes

Have some unwelcome guests recently made your Glenorie property their home? Nobody likes having to deal with insects or any creepers lurking in the shadows of your house, and admitting to having a pest issue can often be a little bit embarrassing. Make sure you get rid of those pesky visitors – for all your pest control needs in Glenorie, look no further than A1 Pest Control.

With more than 35 years of experience serving homes across Sydney with effective pest eradication services, A1 Pest Control are renowned as the most thorough pest control specialists Sydney has to offer. By using contemporary technologies such as thermal inspection cameras to pinpoint issues such as termites and utilizing low/nontoxic solutions to promote environmentally friendly practices, A1 Pest Control are undoubtedly at the forefront of the pest eradication industry for the area. Book a visit from our specialists to make sure your pest problems are taken care of today!

Our Pest Eradication Services

As the pest control experts of choice for Glenorie and surrounding areas, A1 Pest Control offers a wide range of treatments suitable for all areas of your home. While we specialise in treatments for termites and white ants with services such as removal, fumigation, tree drilling and colony control, A1 Pest Control can also assist your home with several other control measures to ensure there’s no unknown visitors in your house.

Our team are able to deal with a range of pests that may affect your Glenorie property, including bees, wasps, mosquitos, cockroaches, fleas and birds. We aim to be as ethical as possible with our treatments, and utilise nontoxic/low toxic treatments as often as we can to minimise our environmental impact and ensure you can get back to your day-to-day life as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Glenorie

“Welcome to Glenorrie”


List of Glenorie Streets

Abbott Place

Bangor Road

Beard Place

Ben Bullen Road

Boronia Road

Broadwater Road

Cairnes Lane

Cairnes Road

Campbell Crescent

Canoelands Road

Casuarina Avenue

Cattai Ridge Road

Currawong Road

Dilkera Road

Dobbie Place

Freemans Lane

Garemyn Road

Gleness Place

Halcrows Road

Harkness Avenue

Harrisons Lane

Heckenberg Road

Hidden Valley Lane

Hughes Road

Hurst Place

Idlewild Road

Kemp Place

Knock Farrell Road

Melton Road

Meriden Avenue

Miller Road

Moores Road

Mount View Road

Munros Lane

Muscios Lane

Neich Road

Newman Road

Old Northern Road

Otago Close

Parkview Avenue

Pertaringa Way

Pinus Avenue

Post Office Road

Schwebel Lane

Sermelfi Drive

Smallwood Road

Smiths Lane

Spur Place

Stevens Road

Taupo Road

Tecoma Drive

Tekapo Road

Timaru Street

Venetta Road

Vesperman Road

Waitangi Place

Wanaka Place

Waratah Place

Whites Road

Wirra Place

Wylds Road

Contact us for Pest Removal in Glenorie Today

If you’d like to enquire about the range of pest control and eradication services that we offer to homes in Glenorie, Nelson, North Kellyville, Middle Dural, Glenorie or the greater Hills District, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at A1 Pest Control today. With our offices located merely minutes away, we can easily find a suitable pest control solution for you.