A1 Pest Control Drummoyne

Are you situated in Drummoyne and looking for environmentally friendly pest control that is safe for you and your family? We are able to control and manage cockroach, ant, spider, and rodent infestations using the safest low toxic and non-toxic treatments. Call 0417 251 911 or email bruce@a1pestcontrol.com.au today to book a treatment or gain some free helpful information.

This trendy suburb is located in the inner west of Sydney and has mostly residential homes with some commercial developments. The area is susceptible to German cockroach infestations due to the congestion and close by locality to the CBD.

Ants and spiders are also quite prevalent with the current weather Sydney is experiencing.  Red back spiders have taken advantage of these weather conditions and can be found in most peoples backyards, they tend to reside under air conditioning units, the base of down-pipes and around pots. Their webs are wispy and thin with no real pattern and are always low to the ground or inside flooring.

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