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Article written by Bruce Gow

“Knowing what a pest inspection involves is important, even if you’re not the one doing the inspection! Taking time to familiarize yourself with pest inspection procedures will make organizing an inspection that much more simple.” – Bruce Gow
If you are required to have pest inspections when buying or selling homes, we provide concise pest reports, termite reports and advise you on protection against TERMITES. You may need to also consult a qualified builder for a building inspection.

We often consult to other timber inspection firms for problem jobs that have undertaken certified inspection reports that haven’t picked up problems because of lack of access.

Pest Inspection Hills District – What to Expect

Within the Hills Are of Sydney NSW are lots of problems in relation of conducive areas left over from old building designs and environmental features such as trees, stumps and dense bush-land surrounding properties. At A1 Pest Control, we are well aware of these concerns as we have lived and worked in the area for over 35 years.
Most of the calls that we get from our clients are requests for quotes from Castle Hill to Dural and other semi rural areas such as Fiddletown. During these calls, we often get asked “Which are the methods that you use to do your inspections?” and “How long will it take to get here to complete the pest report?”
So I explain that we have two main options for our pest inspections, a visual and a thermal pest report. The visual is of course by visually inspecting all of the areas inside and outside of buildings. We check there exist any timber pests such as termites, borers and wood decay an if there are any conducive areas that need rectification.

DSCN0369 Thermal Pest Inspection vs. Visual Pest Inspection

We often get asked whether it’s really worth it to pay for a complete Thermal Pest Inspection which is usually a lot more expensive than a standard Visual Pest Inspection. There are advantages to both types of inspections, the visual inspection itself has been an industry standard for decades now, which means it has been refined over time and developed into a very effective termite detection option. However, the Thermal Termite Inspection option offers more peace of mind by incorporating state of the art technology and building upon everything offered by the Visual Termite Inspection option, though it does cost a premium for that peace of mind.
When to get a Visual Termite Inspection:
If you are currently considering buying a home (organize a complete PPI)
You want to maintain a regular termite inspection schedule – recommended 6 monthly or annually
You’ve had a previous Termite Barrier installed and need to ensure its integrity
You suspect that there is termite activity in your yard, subfloor or roof void
When to get a Thermal Termite Termite Inspection:


If you are quite sure that you have a termite problem
You’ve seen termites in a wall cavity
You’re hearing sounds coming from inside the walls
You’ve noticed severe damp spots and moisture in your subfloor
Or dampness and moisture in any structural timber
You’re know you have a termite problem, use a Thermal Inspection to pinpoint them
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