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“I’ve told customers before that regular pest inspections are actually quite cost effective as the costs of damage caused by pest infestations often far outweigh the costs of regular inspections.” – Bruce Gow

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Looking to arrange a pest inspection? Sydney homes are in a region where subterranean termites are a common problem. Many suburbs are relatively ‘bushy’ and the presence of termites in our area can be the price we pay for living in a lovely well treed suburb.

How often should you arrange a pest inspection? Sydney home owners should obtain a termite report at least once a year however, in areas where termites are known to be highly active, twice a year is recommended.
If you live in a heavily treed area or homes near you have experienced a termite infestation, then twice yearly termite inspections may also be more appropriate. Weather can also be a factor in how often termite inspections should be conducted. Regions that tend to be warmer may have a bigger termite problem than those with cooler temperatures.
Termites might be small but they have a huge appetite for wood and live in colonies that can be populated by hundreds of thousands, or even millions of termites. It’s not hard to understand that when their natural food supply in the suburbs is limited, they may head for the next best thing – local gardens, fences, wood piles and the wooden structure of nearby homes.
A termite inspection involves a termite expert attending your home and inspecting a number of areas including the roof, sub floor and the exterior and gardens of your property. The termite inspector should thoroughly inspect all accessible areas and provide a written report. The report should indicate if termites are present, or if there is evidence of a previous termite attack. It should also give the home owner information about termites and the things they can do to further protect their home from attack.
The report is generally available within a few days of the pest inspection. Sydney home buyers who are obtaining a pre-purchase termite inspection should let the termite inspector know if the report is required before a certain date to comply with offer conditions. Should the contents of the termite report discourage you from purchasing the home, you’ll need to speak to your lawyer of conveyancer about your options.
If you suspect termites are already present, or you haven’t had your home checked for termites for some time, don’t delay arranging your pest inspection. Sydney home owners and those in the surrounding areas can call termite expert Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 to arrange a termite inspection and report.
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