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“I don’t get regular termite reports at my current home, is that much of a problem in the long run?” If this is a question that you’re asking then this web page will give you a better understanding of the value of pest reports.

Obtaining regular pest reports in Sydney is pretty much a ‘must’ if you want to monitor your home for the presence of termites. Many Sydneysiders understand that termites are a problem in the region and many home owners in high risk areas (most of us!) will have spotted termites or termite damage on their property at some stage, whether it’s inside, in the wood pile, or on the wooden fence.

Do you obtain regular pest reports on your home? Not everyone does. Some home owners become complacent after a few years without any indication of termite presence – and some of them will pay a high price for it.
The other problem at the moment is that many home owners are doing it so tough financially that to save money, they begin to forgo regular pest reports. Sydney has always been an expensive place to live but with rising fuel costs and the ever present threat of interest rate rises, most of us are trimming expenses wherever we can – but saving money by going without termite inspections a risky business!

Sydney is home to billions of termites and the chances are there’s a colony not far from you. If you live in a nice leafy area like the Hills District or the Northern Beaches, your home may be at even greater risk than average. Termites don’t have to be in your back yard to pose a threat. Termites attack homes up to a radius of 100 metres around their colony.

Termite colonies can be hard to locate as they’re generally concealed either in the ground, or in a stump or tree trunk – so the fact that you can’t see a termite colony doesn’t mean your home is safe. And because subterranean termites travel underground, the chances of you spotting them en route to your home is very limited. Once inside your home, they’re just as invisible.

The best way to monitor your property for the presence of termites is to continue to obtain regular pest reports. Sydney home owners frequently discover via these reports that termites have entered their home or yard. If it’s been a few years since their previous termite inspection, and the termites have been present for some time, then the damage may be extensive. Annual or twice yearly inspections can help to ensure that the presence of termites is discovered as soon as possible, allowing the home owner to arrange a timely termite treatment.

Arranging pest reports in Sydney is as easy as calling Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911.

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