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Pre-Purchase Inspection?

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Houses that haven’t undergone a PPI should be a red flag. “Termites are known to cause serious structural damage to any property incurring thousands of dollars in repairs. Call up A1 Pest Control to discuss an inspection or appointment today” – Bruce Gow

Are you about to buy a home in or around Sydney? Pre-purchase inspection for termites is the sensible thing to do in a region where subterranean termites frequently cause damage to homes. The cost of obtaining an inspection is generally only around $250 for a normal “visual” report or $500 for much more accurate thermal imaging inspections, so it’s a small price to pay when you’re about to make such a massive investment in a home.

You may be surprised to know that not everybody is as diligent as you! Some home buyers (particularly first timers) simply aren’t aware that termites are such a big problem in the area; some are aware but adopt our culturally famous “she’ll be right” attitude, and others find themselves so short on funds at the time of purchase that they choose to save money by not having building and termite inspections done. Whatever the reason, failing to take this precaution may turn out to be one costly error if termites are present in the home being purchased.

Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is Necessary

The precaution of arranging a termite report could save you from inadvertently purchasing a home with extensive termite damage. It’s an unfortunate fact that these somewhat harmless looking insects can in fact chew their way through substantial amounts of wood in a few months. And the subterranean termites that tend to be the biggest problem around Sydney are very clandestine about their activities – moving into the home by travelling underground from a colony that can be well hidden and up to 100 metres away.

Once inside, these termites are just as secretive, travelling and even eating out of view – these termites get into the wood and chew away from within. Wood that contains these termites can appear perfectly normal to the homeowner even when termites have hollowed it out.

When you’re buying a home you can’t be sure that the current owners have kept up regular termite inspections over the years, or whether the home has termite damage, either from a current infestation or one that occurred in years gone by.

When you arrange a pre-purchase inspection through a qualified termite expert, the expert will attend the home at an arranged time and undertake an inspection of the interior and exterior of the property, including the sub floor and roof void, and even the garden area. On completion, the termite controller will prepare a written report outlining the evidence (or lack thereof) that was sighted during the inspection.

It’s easy to arrange a pre-purchase report and most often the inspection can be conducted at fairly short notice, and within the time frame you have for finalising your offer of purchase.

If you need to arrange a pre-purchase inspection for a home in the Sydney metropolitan area, call termite controller Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 to arrange a prompt inspection and comprehensive termite report.

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