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Due Diligence for the Home Buyer

“A PPI is an immensely valuable procedure. Knowing what you’re getting into before spending thousands of dollars on a new property is often the difference between a dream home and a nightmare.” – Bruce Gow

Do you need to arrange a PPI? Sydney residents who are considering buying a home need to take a variety of precautions and one of those should be a PPI – that’s a pre-purchase inspection. Sydney has a healthy termite population and when you’re making such a major investment, you want to know that your new home isn’t going to come with a termite damage repair bill!

Home buyers should arrange for a termite report before committing to a purchase. As your conveyancer or lawyer may tell you, it’s possible to make your offer ‘subject to’ the outcome of the inspection. Many Sydney suburbs are affected by termites and some suburbs are considered a particularly high risk, so the money spent on a pre-purchase termite inspection can be money well spent.

While there are many different species of termite, it is the subterranean termites that tend to do the most damage in New South Wales. The biggest problem for home owners is that these termites can travel into the home unseen via underground tunnels. Once they’re in the home they’re just as difficult to spot – because they attack wood from the inside, where they’re out of view, rather than from the outside. Termite damaged wood can appear perfectly normal on the outside to the untrained eye.

The good news is that your local termite expert has been trained to identify the signs of termite presence. Many termite inspectors now use highly specialised equipment like thermal imaging cameras, moisture detectors and termite radars in the search for termites. Termite experts who have up to date equipment are able to provide a very thorough termite PPI. Sydney homes are in a region where termites are plentiful so if you’re buying a home, the small amount of money you spend on a termite pre-purchase termite inspection might prove very worthwhile if there is evidence of active termites.

A pre-purchase pest inspection can usually be arrange quickly, so even if you’re in a hurry to have your offer accepted or your purchase finalised, don’t rush into a deal without doing your due diligence! Termite damage can run into the thousands, which makes the $160-360 you might spend on a PPI in Sydney very good value.

And once you’re in your new home, don’t forget to arrange regular termite inspections. If you’re in high risk suburb, talk to your termite expert about other options that may give your home additional protection.

How do you arrange a PPI? Sydney home buyers can contact termite expert Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 for more information or to arrange an inspection time.

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