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Termite Pest Inspections

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Are you looking for a Termite Pest Inspection? The Hills District, Sydney Region, is well known for the termite infestations and amount of termite nests found throughout the area. Our company has decades of experience in the pest control industry and over time we have found the most reliable, affordable and guaranteed methods to properly identify termites with our advanced thermal imaging equipment and completely eliminate any termite that might have their teeth sunk into your home!

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What Separates Us From Other Pest Control Firms?

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Our company has two pieces of termite detection equipment that almost no other firm has; the T3i Termatrac Radar and the Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera (together they cost around $AU20,000!). Both of these devices make for a termite inspection that is unrivalled. Using the Thermal Camera and Termatrac Radar our inspections remove the guess work involved in the visual inspection only option.

More information on our termite inspection equipment can be found here

Our technicians all have the experience as well as a desire to do their best for every customer. This has resulted in our company having 5star reviews on service sites such as OneFlare and Service Seeking.

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For another informative video regarding our Thermal Imaging process check out this link Thermal Termite Inspection

“Termite inspections are one of the most cost efficient treatments in the pest control industry. This is due to the fact that catching onto a termite infestation early is the difference between thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in reparations.” – Bruce Gow

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What Does a Termite Inspection Involve?

A termite inspection is either a visual inspection or a thermal inspection (which includes all methods utilized in the visual inspection also). It would involve a thorough inspection of the home including the roof void, subfloor, and garage as well as any outbuildings, trees and timber structures which could become victim to termite infestation. All our inspections include a comprehensive 11 page report which details all areas inspected, termite species found (if any) as well as TWO quotes for different treatment options.

Termite inspections are often sought out before the purchase of a home (which we highly recommend) often combined with a PPI or Pre Purchase Inspection.

Inspections range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

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Why are Thermal Inspections More Effective?

The reason we recommend Thermal Inspections over regular Visual Inspections is due to the fact that visual inspections aren’t thorough in furnished homes because there is no way for the pest controller to easily gain access to areas blocked by furniture. With our Thermal Inspection we have a telescopic extender that allows us to place the termite radar in hard to access areas and pick up remote vibrations from termites as well as moisture readings.

A thermal inspection also allows us to more accurately identify any entry points that termites are using to get into your home which makes it a lot easier to set up a barrier or treat them, often this will reduce the price of a treatment as the prevention or extermination of termites can be applied in that specific area.

More detail about Thermal Termite Inspections

If you are: buying a new home, stuck with termites at your current home or suspect of any timber damage then don’t waste time and money on what could be a termite infestation. We can organize an urgent last minute booking if required and get to your home at short notice. Ring us on 0417 251 911 or email the owner, Bruce, directly at

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