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Pest Inspection Sydney-Style

With its sunny disposition, beautiful climate and bushy areas,

is a truly wonderful place to live. However its great climate means that

homes are prone to pest attack. This is where property owners need to have a regular pest inspectionin


Termites in particular wreak a lot of havoc in

. It’s estimated that one-third of properties could be affected. You could have termites in your house and not even be aware of their presence, especially if you are not accustomed to looking for them. Termites are attracted to warm, moist areas where they have plenty of material for food and nest-building, such as timber, mud, soil and water.

Other pests that invade

homes include dangerous spiders, bed bugs, wasps, bees, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, possums and rodents. And the trouble with pests is that it’s all a one-way street. Unlike in nature where two different species might co-habit for a mutual benefit, the pests on your property get all the benefits while you suffer the consequences!

Get a regular pest inspection Sydney

Certainly pest inspections should be done once or twice a year for termites in the

region. Termites can cause massive damage to a building in a short space of time if left unchecked. Another reason to have an inspection done is when you are considering buying a property – in this case you will need a pre-purchase inspection, also known as a PPI.

Having a PPI done will cost only a few hundred dollars, but if evidence of termite damage or current presence is found, you will at least be afforded the option of backing out of the purchase, or knowing what you are in for if repairs need to be carried out. It’s not always possible to see evidence of termites unless you are accustomed to looking for it, unlike the professionals who are trained to look for the signs.

Get A1 quality pest control!

Licensed pest controllers also have the right equipment for pest inspections. At A1 we use the latest equipment for termite pest inspections, such as a thermal imaging camera, or ‘Termatrac’ – which is the latest in high-tech termite-ology! Termatrac is a 3-in-1 system comprising a remote thermal indicator, a moisture meter, and a termite-detection radar. Termatrac not only makes finding the location of termites more accurate, it is also capable of tracking their movements.

If we find evidence of pests on your property, we prescribe the most appropriate treatment to eradicate them and help you take steps to prevent further infestations. At A1 we also use eradication methods that are environmentally-safe and that will not harm your children or pets. Call Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 at A1 Pest Control to find out more about getting a pest inspection Sydney-style.

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