Possum Traps- How to get rid of possums

Trapping and Removing a possum from your roof

Article by Ruan Van Zyl

"I've been asked whether possum traps are 'overly aggressive' but when following the right procedures with the traps the possums are not harmed and easily removed!" - Ruan

Please contact me at  bruce@a1pestcontrol.com.au if possums are a problem at your home.

We charge $250 including GST to:  

1. Deliver a baited possum trap to the address and set up same within a standard manhole

2. Collect the same up to a week from the time of hire and release the possum within the boundaries of the property.

We are not allowed to release the caught possum outside the boundaries of the property, but you are, providing that the possums are released in a safe location (away from cats and dogs).  It is recommended that you purchase an opossum house from W.I.R.E.S. or get their advise on the best areas to re-locate them in your local area.

N.B. If we return to pick up the cage and the possum is caught we release it back on your property, so it is imperitive that the house is proofed so that it can't get back in.  You may need to speak to a builder about how to do this for any major work.  If we release the animal, the cage hire period then ends on the same day.  If there are several possums you may need to hire more cages.  

A builder may be needed to consult on proofing any entry points after capture.

Possums usually live up in trees, but with de-forestation of urban areas, their natural homes have destroyed.

As they are highly territorial, these native fauna do not relocate easily & so they often take shelter in your roof.Unproofed Roof

Follow these actions to make sure possums are removed and don't return to your roof.

  1. Construct a weather-proof possum cubby house.

  2. Securely mount the possum house to a tree in your yard. Then place it well out of reach of domestic cats and dogs, at least 4 metres from the ground.

    Place half an apple or banana in or near the possum house to lure it inside.
  3. If you have any overhanging branches, trim them in order to remove the possum's access to your roof.
  4. You can repel the possum by placing one or two boxes of mothballs or bags throughout the roof void.
  5. As possums are nocturnal, keep a light in the roof cavity & keep it switched on for at least 3 days & nights. The combined strategies of the light & the smell should keep the possum out of your roof void & into the possum house.
  6. To prevent the possum from coming back, proof the access points into your roof with timber, vermin wire or both. Don't proof the access points unless you are absolutely certain that the possum or possums have been removed from your roof.

Possum Traps

If the above steps don't work in deterring the possum, you may need to resort to trapping the possum.

Where to get a licence and a trap

Don't try to trap possums without a license and proper equipment. Possums are a protected species in NSW & catching possums without a current license is illegal in New South Wales. Possum Trappers need to be licensed.

Licences to trap possums on your property are issued free of charge from any NPWS office.

Traps are available for hire from A1 Pest Control
Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or bruce@a1pestcontrol.com.au for more information on possum traps.

Remember to proof the entry points into your roof, & to provide a possum house if you trap them.

small possumWhat happens to the possum after it's caught
Most catchers know that possums once had be released within 50 metres of your property. Now the rules have changed, and they have to be releasedwithin the boundariesof your property. So you need to know that they will be safe, have a place to go and your home is sufficiently proofed so that they can't return!

The NPWS may relocate the possums into other areas, but this is only a last resort in most circumstances.

Are you hearing noises in your roof?
Noises in the roof like scratching or thumping will annoy and even cause you to lose sleep.

These are generally caused by either rats or possums. If you have rats or possums in your roof, you will need to tell professional possum trappers where and when the noises occur.

Possums come out at night at roughly the same period of time as they are nocturnal. There are 2 species of possums are encountered by pest controllers, the ringtail and brush-tail opossum

The ringtail possum and the brush tailed possum are very powerful animals, and our animal trappers have seen them using their snouts and claws to lift roofs after scuurying up poles and trees. The animal trapper in the video below located this one after it fell through an office building in Sydney recently:

The owner of the above building was advised to contact a builder to proof off entry points before releasing the animal within the boundaries of the property in a safe area.

Possums naturally live in cavities of trees. They shelter there during the day and emerge to feed and explore during the night. Possums enter roof voids when their natural nesting sites have been removed, mainly through broken tiles, damages eaves and displaced roof capping.

They make scurrying noises at night, and may urinate and defecate, causing ugly stains and odours. Chimneys are favoured hiding places. If after reading and watching all of our information, you are still asking "How to get rid of Possums?"

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or email bruce@a1pestcontrol.com.au if you have a problem with possums.

N.B. If we return to pick up the cage and the possum is caught we release it back on your property, so it is imperitive that the house is proofed so that it can't get back in.  You may need to speak to a builder about how to do this for any major work.  If we release the animal, the cage hire period ends.  If there are several possums you may need to hire more cages. 

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Possum Trapping Testimonials

"We used Bruce from A1 Pest Control to hire a possum trap after finding him on the internet.  They were not the cheapest, they turned up with the trap on time and were successful in solving my possum problem!  They deliverd the trap to my home, baited it with a fresh apple and gave me excellent information on how to get rid of them full time, so it was a bargain!"

- Samantha Bailey, Willoughby

"We looked up "Possum Trapping online and found out A1 was the best price after ringing three or four different companies.  We were very satisfied with the service and would definitely use them services again if the possums came back."

- Helen Armstrong, Winston Hills

"A1 Pest Control we wanted to hire a possum trapper that could lease us a trap after some possums made their way into our roof.  The one trap caught 6 possums!  We released them into a reserved nearby that we knew was safe for them and even erected little homes in trees so that we bought from WIRES so they could settle in.  Great advice, great service and they even turned up 10 minutes early!"

Kylie Patridge, St Ives