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Further training in the new fields of pest control is essential to building a reliable pest control firm. We focus on fitting in important workshops that introduce new cutting edge pest control treatments to make sure that all our operators stay ahead of the curve. Recently we attended a BASF workshop introducing their latest products for termite control, ant control, and cockroach control.

BASF is one the the largest developers of new pest control products and is always improving on their already successful formulas.

One of their most well known products is Termidor which is one of the best products for termite control and they’ve diversified the formula into a foam, dust, and the tried and true barrier formula.

Termidor Termite Foam and Termatrac T3i Termite Radar
The Termidor foam is one of our recommended treatment measures for any areas that have immediate termite activity. The foam will affect any termites that come into contact with it immediately as well as having an effect on termites passing through over the next few weeks.



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