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Cockroaches are terrible house guests and work colleagues. They’re known for their secrecy and generally by the time you start noticing them you already have a problem on your hands. Even though the idea of having chemicals sprayed around your house isn’t that appealing, room fumigation might be the only way to actually exterminate these pests. Cockroaches are also recognized as disease spreaders, as they spread diseases such as salmonella, gastro and staphylococcus. There is also evidence which suggests that they are capable of aggravating allergies in certain people.
Deterring cockroaches
When looking to deter cockroaches there are a few things you can do to make it harder for them to set up shack at your work or in your home. As they are constantly looking for a source of food you can deter them by making sure all food is stored in sealed containers and messes in the kitchen are cleaned quickly as possible. Also make sure to take garbage out regularly and only store it in sealed containers situated outside.
As you’re eliminating food sources don’t forget water! By fixing dripping taps and reducing the amount of water standing around, such as pet bowls or pooled water sinks, you can reduce the appeal of your home for roaches. Cockroaches need a source of water and therefore are attracted to sources of water, by removing these you also remove one of the reasons for them to visit.
Spraying surfaces often with approved and reliable insecticides can also make a dent in cockroach breeding and keep them at bay as long as the infestation isn’t very severe. Exterminating cockroaches can be a tedious process and take a few weeks to a month for your house or workplace to be roach free. There are measures which you can take you reduce the appeal of your home for termites, but once you’ve got them in order room fumigation is the most efficient and also the safest way to go about exterminating them completely.
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