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Types of Mouse Traps – Which is Best?

The term ‘mouse trap’ has been used in literature and popular culture for centuries – from Shakespearian plays, medieval Spanish stories, and long-running murder-mystery stage plays, to the more modern children’s board game. However when it comes to the ‘real’ world, mouse traps can provide a simple, inexpensive and surprisingly effective method of small rodent control in households and businesses all around the world.

Types of mouse traps

Liphatech trap

Liphatech recently launched an innovative mouse trap which combines ease of use and great efficiency.The Mouse Trap tunnel design allows for quick placement in tight places, but it also guides mice in the right spot for a quick and humane kill. A small chamber under the mouse trap can hold a lure or attractant; it has been design to prevent any injury even if trap is set. Mouse traps are re-usable and safe to use in any situation, from commercial offices to domestic households.

They are also designed in such a way that they are very safe for the user due to the protected construction and can easily be released to quickly dispose of a mouse and then re-set without any mess or hassle. They’ve dubbed it the “no-touch concept” which re-iterates the ease of use and the lack of mess that this ingenious little trap makes. One of the biggest fears when setting a traditional mouse trap is getting ones finger hurt or jammed in the trap, Liphatech has eliminated this issue and created a trap that is easy to place, use and re-set.

For more information contact a A1 Pest Control technician today and we’ll match your needs with the best possible treatment option.

Picture of Liphatech Mouse Trap. The innovative design prevents harm befalling the user due to the protected design.
The easy set-and-forget mouse trap from Liphatech protects your fingers while proving deadly to any pest mice.

Traditional snap-trap mouse traps:

These spring-loaded wooden traps were developed in the 1890s. They are used with bait or lure such as oats, nuts or chocolate, and if used correctly they should quickly kill a trapped mouse.

mouse trap

Mouth mouse trap:

This type of trap looks like a plastic set of jaws, with a coiled spring and a trigger mechanism which causes the ‘jaws’ to snap shut. However their snapping mechanism is not as strong as that of a traditional snap-trap.

rat trap

Electronic trap:

This trap gives the rodent a lethal dose of electricity causing a quick death. They usually have an indicator light which shows when a rodent has been caught, and enable discarding of the dead rodent without having to actually see it. Naturally they are more expensive than mechanical traps.

Glue board traps:

With these types of traps the rodent gets ‘stuck’ to the board and is unable to escape. These traps are considered a lot less humane than other types since they can lead to death from starvation and dehydration or predation. In some regions around the world glue board traps are banned from sale.

There are also various other types of traps on the market for catching small rodents. But whatever type of device you use, to clear out a colony of mice from your property you may need to set multiple traps over a period of time. They should be placed along the mouse-run areas that the mice use as they move from their food source to the nest.

Preventive methods

Of course trapping the mice is not enough on its own, as the problem could happen again if good prevention is not practiced. It’s important to also locate the rodents’ source of food and water and remove it. You might find that they are getting into your dry pet food, or food which is not kept in sealed containers in your kitchen. Without a source of food and water the mice will have no choice but to go elsewhere.

Get the job done more quickly

If you are tired of setting mouse traps and you want to get rid of your mouse infestation quickly and efficiently, why not call for some professional assistance?

At A1 Pest Control we can provide a quick and long-lasting solution for you to get rid of mice from your property for good. Give Bruce at A1 a call on 0417 251 911 or email him at for more information and a quote.

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