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Fact sheet on Argentine Ants

Scientific Name: Linepithima humile

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• This species of workers are about 1.6mm long on average.

• They are known to be light or dark brown.

• You will not see them swarm as in other species.

• And most importantly they are not aggressive and do not sting humans.

Information on Lifecycle:

• Worker ants are seen to be produced in the Spring-time in Australia, and will increase their population until around Autumn.

• Winged ants, (reproductive Kings and Queens), they mature within just 3 months and start reproducing right after.

• It is rare to see swarming since the Argentine ants mate in their nest.


• Argentine ants drive out other ant species from an area.

• Nests are not easy to track because these ants can travel a long way to look for food.

• They prefer sweet foods but will also eat live and dead insects, meats, cereals and damaged fruit.

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