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Trapdoor Spiders

Brown Trapdoor Spiders: Misgolas
Sigillate Trapdoor Spiders: Aganippe


Misgolas family spiders are found within East Australia, especially along coastal and highland areas within New South Wales as well as Victoria. M. Rapax is the commonly found Brown Trapdoor Spider within Sydney Region. Spiders of the Aganippe family are found within southern Australia west of the Great Dividing Range and include, as well, the Adelaide Trapdoor Spider – A. Subtristis.

Identification and Habits:

1.5-3cm in size with a spinneret that is blunt as well as short. The male species have a small double spur halfway up their first leg (arrowed in shape).

Brown Trapdoor Spiders:

The Brown Trapdoor is covered in a dull brown colour with a cover of gold hairs that are slightly more pale located on their carapace (this gives them a ‘dusty’ appearance). The abdominal area is commonly covered by transverse bars that are quite pale. The palps of the male are thick and likened to “boxing gloves”. The eyes aren’t spread as with the Funnel-Web species and are rather spread in two compact rows. Their burrows: appear open, without a trap door!

Sigillate Trapdoor Spiders:

Sigillate trapdoor spiders have a glossy carapace that has four to six bald / hairless spots (the sigillae) on top of their abdomen. Their eyes are spread across three rows and they burrow within soil or litter trapdoors.

First Aid:

Seek out medical attention if the symptoms persist.

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