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Article written by A1 Pest Control owner and licensed pest controller Bruce Gow

Pest Exterminators Sydney

If you live anywhere in Sydney, especially in the Hills District, Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore or the Inner West of Sydney, effective and safe pest control is needed now more than ever before.

Creeping and crawling bugs that you may find in your home or outside in the yard are not at all welcomed. These pest and vermin need to be safely exterminated with systematic regular pest control services so that they don’t cause germs & disease to you & your family.

“I’ve been in the pest control business for over 30 years and over this period established a pest control company that prides itself in professionalism and dedicated pest controllers.” – Bruce Gow
Subfloor Pest Inspection
Whatever you do, don’t give up! If they’re not controlled, they can continue to infest your home & cause health issues, or just be annoying.

As you would know, DYI spraying for insects might work short term, although if you are searching for the best pest control solutions you really need to call in the experts. Our firm has been fixing these types of pest problems for over 30 years!

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We are bed bugs exterminators who cure your bedbug problems, with our safe and fast control strategies.

If you have silverfish infestations, or need to get rid of mouse or rat problems, just let us know.

We are available most times of the day for all types of other pest control treatments.

If you need possums trapped, we can manage that for you too. See our possum trapping page:

Looking for friendly pest control services in your area? We service most areas of Sydney, using only environmentally friendly insecticides & non-toxic products that are also eco friendly.

We find pantries in kitchens are “hot spots” where sugar, flour and other foodstuffs may attract moths, ants and cockroaches.

These areas need to be protected from not only vermin, but also they need to be protected against harmful and smelly chemical treatments. To eliminate bugs in these locations, only non-fuming and non-toxic treatments should be used.

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or send us a message if you have a pest extermination due and need a safe, effective, treatment that won’t break the bank.

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