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White-Tailed Spider

Lampona Cylindrata



Lampona group spiders are commonly found across all of Oz. L. Cylindrata is quite commonly found and distributed across disturbed and urban areas.

Identification and Habits:

The White-Tailed spider is cylindrical in shape, measuring 1-2 cm, and the female is known to be more robust than the male. Their colour is quite dull, dark grey to brown in appearance and they have a distinctive white spot at the rear of their abdomen, (this is occasionally paired with spots closer toward the front), their legs have a sheen and are brownish. They are active during the night, they are a hunter species and are encountered underneath bark and leaf litter as well as in houses. They are known to attack and eat other spider species including the Black House spider.


Symptoms of the White-Tailed spider bite is usually limited to a local mild stinging or burning pain near the bite wound, sometimes this is followed by an itchy lump that develops after the bite. The less common symptoms that on occasion follow a bite are swelling, discoloration accompanied by local ulceration and sometimes nausea and vomiting. There is however no conclusive evidence that links these spiders to cause significant skin damage or ulceration.

First Aid Protocol:

Ice pack to relieve pain surrounding the bite. If symptoms are persistent seek medical advice or assistance.

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