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Sac Spiders

Slender Sac Spiders:Chiracanthium

Stout Sac Spiders: Clubiona



Found across all of Australia within the forested and grassland areas.

Identification and Habits:

Sac Spiders are hunting spiders, measuring 1-2cm long, and they make small cylindrical or ovoid shaped silk sacs within which they retreat. The slender Sac Spider is commonly found hunting on foliage within bush as well as the garden. The males especially have slender bodies with large jaws and long slender legs. They are found in the colours of cream, brown or yellow most often. Their retreat sacs are constructed within folded leaves or blades of grass.

They do occasionally enter homes and build their retreat sacs in corners around walls or ceilings. Stout Sacs are stronger than the Slender Sac and have stout robust legs with their cylindrical bodies, colours ranging from a reddish brown to fawn shade. They can be found on house walls as well as fences yet are most commonly found beneath bark and inside leaf litter.


The Sac Spiders aren’t known to bite often and the symptoms are generally very minor. Symptoms of the Chiracanthium bite may include headaches, dizziness, sweating, nausea as well as local skin ulceration however most of these reports are related to overseas incidents.

First Aid:

Seek out medical assistance if persistent symptoms are found.

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