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White Ant Removal

“As a growing threat in the Sydney Region we’ve come to specialize in the removal of white ants. With the latest and most efficient equipment we’re apt at getting rid of white ants and quite enjoy getting down to taking care of that pest control issue!”

Have you been searching for more info about white ant removal? Also known as termites, white ants can do significant damage to homes and are a cause of alarm amongst many of Sydney’s home and property owners. White ants favour wood and paper products as a source of food and can devour these at a rapid pace, causing thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage over the matter of months or even weeks! Most people don’t know what to look for when assessing termite damage or presence and as such many infestations go unnoticed for months until it gets to the point of no return where you have to demolish your home and start from scratch, in many cases this can lead to bankruptcy.

Indicators of an infestation:

If you see any of the following signs then you should organize for a professional to have a look or book in a treatment ASAP to curb any future harm.

•Winged ants which are seen flying around and about your property or the remains of their wings which have been shed. These are developed by the white ants to aid them in travelling from one colony or area to another.

•Small mud tubes that are made from wood or around wood structures such as doors, doorways and window frames. These tubes protect the white ants while they move between areas or parts of their colony.

•If you notice small piles of sawdust or wood shavings in conspicuous areas you should take a moment to investigate. These are often ideal indicators of a white ant problem.

•Knock on wood that might be easily accessed by white ants, if it produces a hollow sound or feels soft and spongy to the ouch then it could be a sign of wood that has been compromise and damaged by white ants.

Controlling and Deterring White Ants

Though it is essential to pursue professional treatment if a property has been identified with a termite infestation there are still some steps a property owner can initiate to reduce the likelihood of an infestation as well as the damage they might end up causing. Such as:

•Make sure no wood or paper debris are left around your property, dispose of these promptly.

•Make use of a varnish which is termite / white ant resistant and make use of timber which is naturally termite resistant.

•Check your premises regularly for any areas that might not be properly aired and ventilated, any areas which become damp and humid or result in water build up can be attractive to a termite colony.

•Invest in a proper inspection completed by a specialized pest control company. Regular inspections can save you thousands of dollars in prevented damages.

Removing White Ants From Your Property

While preventing any infestation is ideal you can’t account for properties that already have an infestation or an infestation that springs up in a couple of weeks. If you are in a position where you’ve identified a white ant problem or infestation then make sure to contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible to prevent even more damage. White ants are infamous for the amount of structural damage they cause over a short period of time.

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