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Pest Control Glossary

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Parasite: an organism which lives on or in a host during its lifetime in whole or

Pest: an organism/creature which interferes and inhibits
human activity or compromises their health and living conditions

Physical (Pest) Control: controlling a pest population through
means of heat, cold, sound waves etc

Pupae: the stage in which an insect is non-feeding (interim
between larva and adult, found amongst insects which undergo complete metamorphosis)

Pupate: the transition of transforming into a pupa

Pheromone: the chemical employed by insects and other
invertebrates in communication. Pheromones are able to communicate danger or
reproductive availability.

PPB: Parts Per Billion, used as a term to reference the
concentration of a chemical in foods, plants and animals.

PreBaiting: a process of familiarizing rodents with traps
before setting any lethal traps

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