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Rat Control for Commercial Premises

Have you had commercial rat control on your mind recently? Whether you are the owner of a commercial premises or a home owner out in the suburbs, rats are one creature you would rather not share space with! They are more than just ugly (sorry kids!), they’re carriers of diseases and pathogens that have over the past centuries been responsible for the deaths of millions by harboring diseases.

Take a look at the Bubonic Plague that resulted in millions of casualties around the world, all the way up to Leptospirosis – an illness which resulted in the death of Olympic rower Andy Holmes in 2010 – the bacterium spread by rats are often the root cause of serious illness and now and then, death. Leptospirosis can be contracted by someone when they come into contact with contaminated water; the water can be contaminated by the urine from infected animals or rats. Having open wounds and cuts or getting water in your eyes results in higher risk of infection.

You’d think diseases like these are nothing but a past memory of the dark ages, not present in the modern age but according to statistics from the NSW Government Health Department fact sheet there are some 200 cases of Leptospirosis diagnosed within Australia each year, it’s also believed that many more go un-diagnosed.

Rats also incur a fair bit of damage to ones propety – many have been the victim when rats destroy old stored paperwork, precious clothing and fabrics and other heirlooms stored in the shed or garage. They’re also huge fans of your insulation and don’t mind taking a bit back to their nests in an effort to settle in!

They tend to move into buildings where they have easy access to a food source, regardless it is still important for commercial premises to have rat management in order to promote a healthy work environment even when you don’t have a food store, canteen or food storage venue. If you’re located near a property that does have these you should be on the lookout for rat presence as they tend to move on from such properties when rat control is employed or their food supply is eliminated.

If you’re either a commercial premises owner or a suburban home resident there are a few basics that you can do to enforce rat control and reduce the risk of them coming to hang out at your property:

    • Make an effort to seal and store all food promptly and securely.
  • Take care to seal bins securely and dispose of rubbish at regular intervals.
  • If you are in possession or storing materials that rats like using for building their nests, take measures to secure these in strong plastic containers as opposed to cardboard boxes or plastic bags to avoid them chewing through it.

If you’re in the greater Sydney area and you need assistance to rid your home of rats, or you’d like to discuss commercial rat control treatments, speak to us today.

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