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          The Norway Rat (or Brown Rat)


Rattus norvegicus

General Information

Head-body: 180-255mm
Tail: 150-215mm
Weight 280-480 grams
Gestation Period 21-23 days
Litter size 7-12 (up to18)
Number of litters ~ 6/years

Brown Rats Distibution in Australia

Distribution of brown rats in Australia

The Norway/ Brown rat is the largest of the commensal rodents in Australia, with its distribution restricted to human coastal settlements.

The species is often found inhabiting warehoues, shipping ports and large urban settlements and, more than any other rodent specices, it has adapted to utilise human food and wastes. In Australia however, the specices has not been successful in colonising agricultural systems; only a few systems report minor damage due to brown rats.


Brown rats can be distinguished from other rattus specices by its size, small ears and thick tail which is usually shorter than its body. Its coatis variable like the roof rat, ranging from grey to brown above with a white or grey belly


Occasionally, albino and pure black individuals occur. Compared to the rood rat, the brown rat has a scruffy appearance and a very aggressive nature, not hesitating to attack when cornered.


Brown rats are poor climbers however, they can reach elevated areas if the correct structures are present to aid climbing

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