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Mosquito Control Sydney – How to get rid of Mosquitoes

Give Mozzies The Flick!
Tired of swatting pesky mosquitoes?  Kids constantly scratching and complaining of bites?

Mosquitoes are well known as pests around the world that spread diseases and cause itchiness. Getting rid of mozzies is much easier than you may know; here’s some tips to help you keep them well away from you and your family or staff.The Terminator Mozzie Trap

Dump or flush out any stagnant water sources in your yard. Examples of mosquito breeding grounds include old tyres, driveway puddles, unfiltered fish ponds, empty flowerpots, and any item that can hold water for more than a few days at a time. If you have mosquitoes or other stinging insects such as gnats in large numbers, then don’t try and get rid of them yourself.

You need a professional solution that is also completely environmentally friendly.

Jakmax The Terminator

The Terminator Mozzie Trap Out of Box

Power Consumption: 28 Watts
Ultra Violet Tube: MT0010 (which is a small tube)
Electric Cord Length: 1.9 meters
Power Supply is normal household 240V
Weight of unit: 1.75 kilogrammes
Size: 25.4 centimetres – Width is 30.5 centimetres Height is 25.4 centimetres
Part Number: MT0005

RRP $330.00 – Our Price $220


The Terminator uses UV Light, a Heat generator, constantly flowing CO2 and air suction to trap and lure flying pests.

• The energy efficient long life UV Tubes (3000 hours approximately) produce an irresistible light source.

• A large concaved heating surface means the trap is slightly warmed to simulate the temperature of human skin.

• A reflector and funnel-like structure that has a Titanium Dioxide coating and produces Carbon Dioxide (or CO2) to fool biting insects that mammals are breathing air

• It has a powerful suction fan which has the ability to draw insects down into the collection chamber with no mess or spills.



• It has a quiet method of operation – There’s no annoying sounds of insects being zapped

• No smell, its odourless

• No insecticides so its environmentally Friendly with no toxins or pollutants

• Completely safe for children and family pets

• Completely safe both for indoors & exterior areas

• No technical skill or assembly is required

• Very easy to operate – you simply switch it on

• Very low cost to operate, less than an electric light bulb

• Extremely easy to maintain and keep clean

• Large area of coverage, around 150 square meters for the average back yard entertaining area

• It attracts annoying insects either during the day or night-time due to advanced CO2 Technology.

• Keeps people safe from diseases like Ross River Fever, Malaria, etc

• Hassle free long-Life UV Tubes are used

Stop your Zappin’ and Start a Trappin’

The JAK Max “Terminator” Mozzie Trap controls biting insects such as Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, Midges etc, indoors or in exterior areas.

Its Photocell technology automatically turns it on at night-time so you will always have protection from those pesky flying insect pests. The photocell switch may also be set continuously for all day 24 hour usage.

Very stylish and elegant looking, it may be placed on tables, or hung up.

With no pesticides or odours it is the perfect ‘family safe’ solution to your flying insect problems

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or email him at if you need environmentally friendly mosquito control

Black Hole Mosquito Trap

  • By cleverly producing CO2 that mimics animals, the Black Hole mozzie trap traps and lures all mosquitoes, and can also catch and kill other pesky flying insects like flies and even moths which may be attracted by its black light.
  • Black Hole Mosquito Traps are a safe, effective, environmentally friendly alternative to normal pest treatments. They may be positioned inside or to the exteriors of homes, gardens, offices, swimming pools and barbeque areas.
  • They are especially effective to locations with very high mosquito populations
  • Best effective area: sixty-six to one hundred and sixty-five square metres.
  • The light globes lasts for over three hundred hours, & are available from most lighting shops.
    The Black Hole is available in Sydney Metropolitan area, just ring us on 0417 251 911 & order one over the phone.
    Phone: 0417 251 911
    Contact: click here

Random Forum posts on DYI Mosquito control:

….”A while back I was at a barbeque, and the mozzies were landing on and biting everyone. the host sprayed around the lawn and decking with Listerine, and lo and behold the little devils disappeared. Just to test, I went home afterwards and sprayed a bottle around my home when I saw mosquitoes breeding. During Summer, I use it everywhere where mosquitoes hang around.”

….”I tried using Listerine directly onto the annoying, biting insects and it seems to work. I ended up purchasing two bottles from Coles, so it was fairly cheap compared to a chemist. Bug-sprays are really expensive and don’t last as long either.”

You’ll find heaps of forum entries like the above, but in my experience, DIY efforts on how to get rid of mosquitos are generally a waste of your time, because they just don’t work!

The Only Good Mosquito is a dead one!!!

Call us today to discuss your mozzie problem or help with any other service on 0417 251 911 or email for a free quote and advice

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