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House Fumigation – Preparing a Home
What is the best way I prepare my house for fumigation?
Chances are that if you have a problem with pests, you will need to have some form of house fumigation by a pest professional. Pest problems can become complicated and difficult without the use of chemicals. The best way to save money and time is to take care of the problem before it happen. This will help you avoid the possible health risks linked to many pests.
The word fumigation can sound pretty serious, but it probably won’t mean having to move away from your home for a week, or even a day. Most of the chemicals used by pest experts are non toxic to humans. However, there are ways to prepare for these services to make the process easier for everyone.
•Clean kitchen benches and move furniture from beside the walls so there is easy access to these areas. Check with your pest expert before they arrive to see if kitchen cupboards need to be emptied. Chances are you wont as liquid sprays are hardly used in those areas.
•Get your pets to a safe area while the pest controller is spraying. Most sprays are non toxic to pets; however, make sure you check before you let your pet around the serviced area, especially until it dries.
•If a member of you family has any respiratory problems like asthma or are sensitive to chemicals, plan to stay somewhere else overnight until your home has had proper ventilation.
•Be sure to have any major renovations or cleanings prior to the inspection. Cleaning carpets immediately after fumigation could cause the treatment to be less effective.
•Have a plan to be away from the home during the treatment. Also, be sure to leave windows open for ventilation at least three hours after the service has been done.
Check with your pest expert before you have any form of house fumigation. To ensure the success of any treatments, be sure to know the specific requirements for dealing with the problem.
Once your home has had treatment, there is a possibility you may still find pests in the area for a while. This may just mean that the fumigation has not yet reached all of the pests. This may take some time. House fumigation is an effective form of treatment to get rid of common pests around you home. You may need to get these treatments regularly to ensure the health of your home.
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