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Carpenter Ants Removal

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These ants have a fairly varied diet, ranging from other insect species all the way to sweet processed foods or meats found within the kitchen. Naturally they eat during the night time and thus are harder to spot – they do however leave traces of their activity. Such as little heaps of sawdust around woodwork, this is due to the fact that they consume the wood they nest in and are simply creating more rooms for their growing colony. Sometimes, in cases where the colony is fairly large, you can even hear an unusual sound they produce while eating.

A licensed pest control expert can carry out Carpenter Ant removal using a number of methods which are determined by the degree of the infestation as well as the size of the resident colony and the actual spot in which the nest is located. Different treatments include dusting, baiting, pesticide (aerosol) or exterior insecticide barriers which kill off the colony by supplying the ants with a undetectable poison which is carried back to the colony. In various cases a combination of these treatments are employed.

It is also necessary to fill in the cracks and holes which permit the ants to enter, or to get rid of the damp and rotten wood that has attracted them.

Other measure which prevent the ants returning are repairing leaky taps or pipes, sealing up their entry points and making sure shrubs aren’t coming in contact with exterior walls of your house.

If you’re unsure whether you’re dealing with carpenter ants or termites then contact a professional. In either case you will need a specialist to assess the extent of the infestation and advise you how to proceed. Take caution not to disturb the nest before the arrival of an expert as this might cause termites to spread!

If you need to arrange carpenter ants removal or a termite inspection, you can call us for further information or to arrange our prompt attendance. You can ring us today on 0417 251 911 or even email Bruce at for a free quote & more information.

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