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Possum Trap / Animal Cage for Hire in Sydney, NSW


Rate: $25.00 per trap, per week. Cages for sale from $180 each. Deposit / Bond: $100.00 retained if cage is returned damaged, refunded if cage is returned as received. The traps are located in Bella Vista, Sydney NSW; we can arrange delivery for a small fee.  Call 0417 251 911.  N.B. See below for related info;

For onsite REMOVAL which we DO NOT do, Call our friends on 1300 663 372 on Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30am or Saturday from 9am to 1pm

For areas outside of the Sydney Hills District, another option is Kennards, but they charge $30 PER DAY


Safe ways for you to transport possums, rabbits, foxes in humane animal traps. Our company will supply the trap only, all other necessities for the baiting and capture of animals is your responsibility.

A Secure Solution to Transport Your Pets or Feral Animals


Looking for harmless ways to securely transport animals? We have established a reputation for excellent service and pest control over many years. We have over 40 years of experience in pest control. As such we know what works and what doesn’t; our possum traps are sturdy, reliable and easy to use.

Ring us today on 0417 251 911to have a chat about hiring one or more traps. You can also email use at information ASAP.

Our traps are constructed of sturdy wire mesh with a singular entry point and door. These are purposed for possum and animal catching however, they can also be used for the transportation of pets such as cats, dogs, bunnies or guinea pigs during relocation to a new home.

The traps serve as a humane method to trap and relocate animal pests. Their construction has no hooks which might cause harm to the trapped animal. The traps are professional grade and have been tried and tested by our company, A1 Pest Control, in possum catching and pet re-location.

As stated the cages are very safe and don’t cause harm to the animal, in which case they are fantastic and secure solution for the transportation of your pets.

Possum Trap Assembly

(We also have a fixed cage trap, which requires no assembly and the whole setting and baiting process takes less than a minute!)

The Possum Trap is in service ready condition when received and requires minimal effort to set up. The focus of our company is providing you with a safe, secure and efficient piece of equipment to allow the capture, transportation and release of a possum or multiple possums. The use of a Possum Trap is not only safe for the possum but for whoever handles the trap as well.

1. Remove any cable ties that are keeping the possum trap shut.

2. While keeping a firm hold on the handle of the cage/trap, pull the lever up which opens the trap-door. The door at the rear of the cage should be securely pushed down, but may be opened to replace food and water etc.

3. Locate the holding catch on top of the cage and balance it on the trap door.

4. The next step is to make sure the foot plate is working by using a long stick etc to put pressure on the plate and so activate the trap safely.

5. Finally place the bait and some water at the rear end of the possum trap.

Setting the Possum Trap

Make sure to set the trap on an even, flat surface. If you’re aware of any paths followed by the possum/animal pest then set the trap against a wall or building near or on this path.

The Trap can be baited by placing food around 2-3cm from the rear door. (Google foods favoured by possums or the pest animal if you are unsure of what to use) It is very important to place the bait in such a way that forces the animal to encounter or step onto the trip plate. DO NOT place the bait on the actual trip plate. After setting up the bait, close the rear doorway and make sure that the door doesn’t activate incorrectly by using too fine a balance on the activation mechanism.

The Possum Trap is now correctly set up and ready to use.

It is often advisable to make use of some foliage, vegetation or boxes to cover and camouflage the trap; this will keep any animals from interfering with the trapping mechanisms or operation.

Check up on the trap often, though not constantly as it might deter any animals. It is advised to check the trap at least once daily for any trapped animals.

Advantages of Using a Possum Trap

Possum traps are humane, this is very important in NSW as possums are not to be harmed during trapping. The traps are built tough, to professional standards, and offer a high quality and secure means of Possum control.

Cage Size: 30cm x 75cm x 30cm (W x L x H)

· Safely secure animals that are a cause of nuisance or your pets without any injury to the animal or person handling the trap

· Sets up within minutes and requires no tools or extra set up equipment

· Simple to bait, set and release

· Wire surrounding the bait are is double mesh

· Clever weight activated floor pedal

· Handle is shielded to ensure safe transport of trapped possum

· Wire used is galvanised to add strength and prevent corrosion



National Parks & Wildlife

Licence Needed


Must be released back onto your property at dusk

Phone: 131 555

It’s always important to ascertain that it is a possum problem and not a rodent (rat or mouse) problem. To determine this you can make use of flour near the manhole or path used by the animal, possums are similar in stature to a cat.

Following this you will need to set up an alternative home for the possum. Either purchase a nesting box from a wildlife rescuer or you can build one yourself.

This process is made easier by locating and placing the possum nest, which will have the possum scent, into the new possum home. The possum nest will usually be located inside your roof.

Placing fresh fruit near the nest or inside it will encourage the possum to check out the new home.

A tree would be an ideal spot for the box, secured at least 4m up.

Determining the entry point used by the possum to get into your roof is also important. You can find out by observing the possum at dusk when it forages.

The use of quassia chips (which can be purchased at a hardware store) can repel possums when sprinkled around the roof cavity. (Other repellents are camphor and naphthalene, but it is important to NOT use a combination of products) Setting up a light in the roof void and leaving it on for 3 days in combination with the smell of quassia/camphor/naphthanele should drive the possum out of the roof and into the new possum home you’ve set up.

Once you’re certain that the possum has relocated into the new home you’ve set up you should block access to the roof by using chicken wire or wood. Also take care to trim any branches that are in contact with or overhanging your home. The ideal time to do this would be during the night as the possum will be out foraging.

Getting a Licence and Trap

In NSW possums are protected by law and it is illegal to capture a possum without a licence. These licences can be obtained at a NPWS office for free. Traps are available for hire from select wildlife rescue services or pest control companies.

Releasing the possum

A captured possum must be released at dusk within 150m from the capture point. It must also be released near an object it can immediately climb I.e. a tall fence or tree (this assures the survival of the possum)

In bushland areas there are rarely any vacant territories, so any possum released in a neighbouring territory will need to compete with other possums for shelter and food.

OEH may relocate possums to other areas as a last resort only.

Possum Removal Services

If you are unable to complete a possum capture and removal yourself, then you can make use of a professional possum trapper who will complete the task for a fee. These trappers are licensed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

By email:

A1 Pest Control Sydney

We have established a reputation for excellent service and pest control over many years. Our firm has over 40 years of experience in pest control. As such we know what works and what doesn’t; our possum traps are safe, sturdy, reliable and easy to use. Ring us today on 0417 251 911 to have a chat about hiring one or more traps. You can also email us at more information today.

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