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Pest Control Glossary

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Abaxial: distanced from the axis; lower segment of the leaf

Abdomen: term related to insects, the rear or hind part of the insect

Abamectins: a biologically derived compound (organic) which assists in disrupting the nervous system along axons

Action Threshold : the point at which a pest infestation reaches a crucial point where immediate action is required to prevent the infestation from becoming severely damaging to the property

Active Ingredients: the element(s) within a pesticide formula which attribute its toxicity

AcuteToxicity: refers to the negative effects immediately following oral/dermal exposure or inhalation of a toxic pesticide

Adaxial: approaching the axis; the upper segment of the leaf (related – Abaxial)

Adult: an animal, insect or plant which is in its final stage of growth/maturity

Adulterate: to compromise the integrity of a solution by adding improper or unsuitable substances

Aerosol: Liquid particles which have been suspended within a very fine fog/mist which enables the transportation of diluted chemicals.

Aerial Applicator: reference to the individual/operator who makes use of a helicopter/aircraft to apply a chemical

Air Blast Sprayer: a machine designed for treatment of large tree crops. By making use of pesticides diluted within water ejected by a strong air current which reaches as far as 30m into a canopy. The tank utilized generally has a maximum capacity of 1500 – 3700 litres. General rule for application is 25% of usual wetting load of water / 380 litres per acre.

Alate: processing wings

Allomone: A chemical which aids the producing species while having an adverse impact on a different recipient species

Allopatric: referring to a species which occurs in more than one separate area. Therefore not adjoining in space.

Ametabolous: not subject to undergoing metamorphosis

Antennae: a pair of sensitive structures predominantly found on the head of adult insects. These are also often found during the stages of growth apart from the larval form.

Appendage: any structure or segment which is attached to the body of a creature / organism

Application Equipment: the tools/equipment utilized in the pesticide treatment application

Applicator Licensing: mandatory requirement for any pest controller servicing within Australia

Applicator: the individual responsible for the application of pesticides/insecticides

Apterous: term referencing an insect’s lack of wings

Aquatic: water dwelling

Arista: common term relating to ants which refers to the large bristle located upon the upper dorsal edge of the antennae segment

Arthropod: an invertebrate creature (belonging to the Arthropoda phylum). Legs are segmented and a hard exoskeleton is present (e.g. insects, spiders, millipedes)

Attractant: a chemical/substance which acts to lure a pest to an insecticide or bait/trap. These vary from pheromones, heat, light etc.

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