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Bull Ants

Facts about Bull Ants or Bulldog Ants

It’s not common to find bulldog ant (or bull ant) inside buildings; they are located mostly in bushy areas where they can have their nest in soil near wood logs or under rocks with extensive tunnel system. When the nest gets disturbed the bull ants get very aggressive, they will all come out of the nest as a massive force to attack whatever is taking their peace.

Just because it is seldom to catch these ants inside buildings it does not mean we don’t get stung by them, when outside playing with the kids and if you are just sitting somewhere in the garden always keep an eye out for the bull ants as their stinger do not remain in the victim meaning they can probably sting you several times.

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Bull ants feed on other insects and plant nectar, the Queen Bull Ant leaves the nest at night to search for food to feed their baby ants and the Queen may live for several years. Another interesting fact is that almost every ant is born female.

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