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Once you’ve discovered that you have a severe pest problem the chances are that you will be arranging some form of house fumigation with a specialist pest controller. Managing a pest issue can be a very intricate process and the majority of pests are very difficult to exterminate without the use of effective chemical treatments. Being aware of pests and taking care of a pest infestation before it can take root or grow to a severe state often saves you loads of cash as well as time. And will in the long run help avoid many of the health risks connected with pests. (Such as disease carriers like rats and mice)
A fumigation might sound like a serious approach however, chances are that you won’t have to leave your property for days or weeks on end. There are many chemicals which pest controllers make use of which are non-toxic to humans and will be safe to have around while you’re in the premises. But there might be a few things you should get in order to prepare for the fumigation and make the whole process easier:
-In areas where it’s possible, clear bench tops and move furniture away from walls or skirting boards which will allow the pest control specialist to get to these areas without a hassle. In most cases it won’t be necessary to empty kitchen cupboards as pest controllers will commonly not use liquid sprays in these areas however make sure to check with your pest controller first.
-Move your pets to a safe area while the pest controller is spraying your home. A variety of sprays are non-toxic for pets but it’s a good idea to double check with the pest controller before allowing your pets back into treated areas. Generally you should wait until the spray has dried before letting pets come into contact with these areas again.
-If you or someone in your family suffers from respiratory problems, such as asthma, or they’re sensitive to chemicals it would be a good idea to plan for somewhere else to stay overnight to let your house air out.
-If you plan on extensive renovations make sure to organize these before the treatment as carpet cleaning carried out after the treatment can result in it being much less effective.
-Plan on leaving the premises while your home is undergoing the treatment while also making sure that the windows are left open to provide good ventilation for 3 hours after the fumigation treatment.
Make sure to confirm with your pest control specialist before you arrange or undergo any house fumigation treatments. Depending on the nature of the infestation and the severity of it there might be very specific requirements that need to be completed to make sure the treatment is very effective.
Once your home has undergone a fumigation treatment you will often still see insects or pests around your home for a little while. But this doesn’t mean that the treatment has not been effective; it merely indicates that the treatment will take a while to reach all the pests and nests. House fumigation is always an effective method to exterminate the majority of pest problems and may need to be done regularly to ensure your home stays in a healthy state.
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