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 Get Rid of Ants in Your Car in Sydney

Not many people realise that ant infestations in cars aren’t that rare and can occur quite commonly in some regions. Though ants might not seem like much of a threat, they’re known for causing serious damage to electrical circuitry and wiring which can result in costly repairs, especially to more modern cars that have a variety of “smart tools” and electronics under the hood.


Ants in Sydney are extremely apt at communicating and work very quickly. This means that within a day or two you can have hundreds, if not thousands, of foraging ants inside your car! This generally happens after a vehicle has been stationary for several days on end allowing the ants unhindered access to the car and all the tasty crumbs in the interior. Treating ants inside your car is definitely something that should be done as soon as possible after noticing an infestation to reduce the likelihood of electrical damage.

Ants in car
A car infested with ants in the dashboard, air conditioning and child seat


Treating The Infestation:

 Prevention is always the best measure when it comes to pest control. As such we recommend regularly cleaning as well as vacuuming your vehicle to prevent the buildup of possible food for the ants.

It’s also important to keep an eye out and treat any ant hills or ant colonies that you might see in your yard, especially if these are located near your drive-way or carport. Setting up baits or a repelling ant barrier/powder is a great way of stopping ants from ever getting to your car!

If it’s too late and you already have ants knocking on your door and rummaging through your car:

Ant Bait: Ant bait is a great way to manage any ant problem, placing these in areas where the ants have quick access to the bait is a great way of exterminating the ant population. The bait is a slow acting pesticide and as such allows for the foraging/worker ants to transport the bait/poison back to the colony where it is regurgitated and eaten by the other ants. This results in widespread destruction of the colony and most likely the queen as well. Once the queen is killed the colony can’t function anymore.

Pesticide Bomb: If the ants have only been in the car for a short while odds are the queen hasn’t established herself a nest inside it and you are just seeing the forager/worker ants. Using a generic pesticide bomb inside the car will take care of these. After setting off the bomb make sure all the windows are rolled up and the doors are closed, leave the car sealed up as such for 3-4 hours to allow the bomb to disperse throughout the car and into all the little cracks and crevices. Let the vehicle air out once the treatment has been completed and thoroughly vacuum to get rid of all the dead ants. 

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