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Get Rid of Ants, Spiders & Cockroaches in Your Car Pest Control in Sydney Safely

Not many people realise that ant infestations in cars aren’t that rare and can occur quite commonly in some regions.

Though ants and German cockroaches might not seem like much of a threat, they’re known for causing serious damage to electrical circuitry and wiring which can result in costly repairs, especially to more modern cars that have a variety of “smart tools” and electronics under the hood.

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 Spiders can jump out of nowhere, causing distress and even accidents.

Ants in Sydney are extremely apt at communicating and work very quickly. This means that within a day or two you can have hundreds, if not thousands, of foraging ants inside your car!

This generally happens after a vehicle has been stationary for several days on end allowing the ants unhindered access to the car and all the tasty crumbs in the interior.

Treating ants inside your car is definitely something that should be done as soon as possible after noticing an infestation to reduce the likelihood of electrical damage.

Ants in car
A car infested with ants in the dashboard, air conditioning and child seat

 Treating The Infestation:

 Prevention is always the best measure when it comes to pest control. As such we recommend regularly cleaning as well as vacuuming your vehicle to prevent the build up of possible food for the ants.

It’s also important to keep an eye out and treat any ant hills or ant colonies that you might see in your yard, especially if these are located near your drive-way or carport.
Setting up baits or a repelling ant barrier/powder is a great way of stopping ants from ever getting to your car!

in this video we area at a pest control near me job in Tennyson Point where ants have gotten into the engine.
They were attracted to plastic wiring where they have then entered the interior and boot space of the vehicle.
So we will use a couple of different methods for a management plan through using Seclira spray.
This is a new insecticide which has an extremely low resistance rate, as well as using some ant bait gel which is a slow acting pesticide which allows the worker ants to feed and transport the bait back to the colony, resulting in eradication of the colony.
A Mini cooper in Tennyson Point and the equipment used to treat an ant infestation.

An insect or cockroach bomb is also used to fumigate

If it’s too late and you already have ants knocking on your door and rummaging through your car:

Ant Bait: Ant bait is a great way to manage any ant problem, placing these in areas where the ants have quick access to the bait is a great way of exterminating the ant population. The bait is a slow acting pesticide and as such allows for the foraging/worker ants to transport the bait/poison back to the colony where it is regurgitated and eaten by the other ants. This results in widespread destruction of the colony and most likely the queen as well. Once the queen is killed the colony can’t function anymore.


Pesticide Bomb: If the ants have only been in the car for a short while odds are the queen hasn’t established herself a nest inside it and you are just seeing the forager/worker ants.

Using a generic pesticide bomb inside the car will take care of these. After setting off the bomb make sure all the windows are rolled up and the doors are closed, leave the car sealed up as such for 3-4 hours to allow the bomb to disperse throughout the car and into all the little cracks and crevices.

Let the vehicle air out once the treatment has been completed and thoroughly vacuum to get rid of all the dead ants. 

A1 Car Pest Control near me and the team have dealt with ants for over 4 decades and we know how to hit them where it hurts.

Spiders in Your Vehicle

Have you had a spider creepily crawl across your dashboard, or onto your windscreen?

Here’s some tips on how to keep spiders away from your car.

You probably won’t like this, but you can’t completely.  You CAN minimise the chances of them feeling comfortable in your car and get them out of your car quickly.

Huntsman spiders have been blamed for causing lots of accidents in Sydney where they drop suddenly into unsuspecting driver’s laps.

In car pest control Sydney Australia, spiders will build their webs in cars that have been unattended for long periods of time.  They then go on to breed and produce dozens or even hundreds of spiderlings (young spiders) in all of the best hiding spaces. So, how can you keep spiders away your vehicle?

How to get spiders out of your car

1. Keep your vehicle clean

When you reduce amount of litter in your car, you take away the hiding spaces of spiders and baby spiders to shelter and breed.

2. Park your car away from trees and bushes

If you avoid parking your car away from trees and bushes prevents spiders from finding a home for themselves close to where their relatives have set up home. Humans like to live near their family and friends, so why shouldn’t spiders like doing the same thing?

3. Avoid leaf litter on and inside your vehicle

Regularly clean up leaves and twigs on your windscreen and crevices of your car. Leaf litter is one of the main reasons why spiders crawl over to you vehicle in the first place.  

4. Get Regular Pest Control For Your Home

If you maintain regular pest control treatment and services of your home, then you are reducing dangerous populations of spiders, cockroaches and ants.

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How to get rid of cockroaches from your car

Here are our points of difference to the others in our industry:

Our pledge to you-

1. We only use low and non toxic, environmentally friendly, insecticides safe for pets and kids. We also provide detailed instructions to ensure everyone’s health and safety

2. We will ensure our service technicians will arrive on time!

3. We will provide you with a fixed price quotation prior to the commencement of any work.

4. We will take every effort to protect carpets, duco and upholstery.

5. We will respond to any telephone calls within the same day.

How to get roaches out of your car overnight?

Getting rid of cockroaches in your car can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to help eliminate them. Keep in mind that prevention is key to avoiding a cockroach infestation in the first place. Here are some steps to help you get rid of roaches in your car:

Clean Your Car Thoroughly:
Remove all rubbish and debris from your car.
Vacuum the interior thoroughly, paying special attention to all the cracks and crevices.
Clean any food crumbs or spills, as German cockroaches in particular are attracted to food residue.

Remove Potential Hiding Places:
Remove unnecessary items that can provide hiding places for roaches. Check and clean storage compartments, glove box, and under seats.

Use cockroach baits:
Place roach bait traps strategically in your car. These traps contain a poison that attracts and kills cockroaches.

The best ones are the ones that contain pheremone tablets.

Follow the instructions on the bait traps carefully.

Natural Repellents:
Consider using natural repellents like bay leaves, cucumber slices, or citrus peels. Cockroaches are known to be repelled by these scents. Place these repellents strategically in your car.

Boric Acid:
Sprinkle boric acid (available at Bunnings hardware stores. See our Bunnings pest control reviews) in areas where vermin may hide.

**Be cautious with boric acid, especially if you have pets or small children. Follow safety guidelines and ask the salsperson for advise.

Professional Pest Control:
That’s where we come in! If the problem persists, consider seeking professional pest control services. A1 Pest Control experts can provide a targeted and effective solution to eliminate roaches.

Regular Maintenance:
Once you’ve addressed the immediate issue, maintain a clean car to prevent future infestations.
Regularly vacuum and clean your car’s interior, and avoid leaving food or rubbish inside.

Inspect Your Home:
Check your home for any signs of a cockroach infestation, as they may be entering your car from there.

Address any issues in your home to prevent reinfestation in your car.

Remember, persistence is crucial when dealing with bug problems. It may take some time and effort to completely eliminate them from your car.

If the infestation is severe, seeking professional help is advisable. Additionally, take steps to prevent them from entering your car in the future by practicing good hygiene and cleanliness.

You will never see a cockroach in MacDonalds. Why is that?  It’s because they wash and clean ON THE HOUR and get monthly pest control.

How much does it cost to get rid of cockroaches from your car?

We charge $165 for an ant treatment for an averaged sized sedan, which would treat all species of cockroaches using a premium spray, dust gel and cokroach baits with pheremone tablets.

A low toxic bomb will be let off at the end of the treatment to flush out all pests and quickly kill them. This bomb will require 2-4 hours for the insecticide to settle and a thorough ventilation is required before you re-enter your vehicle.

We are available at short notice.

Thanks again and we will do a great job for you!


"We first used A1 Pest Control a few years ago when we noticed a few termites under a wine barrell in the rear yard of our home. We asked A1 Pest Control Sydney to pay us a visit to have a thorough termite inspection of our home. Bruce and his crew were on time, and very well presented. They explained how they would get rid of the termite infestation using a low toxic method and how their Thermal cameras worked, It worked very well and now we can sleep at night!"
Gary and Carol Harman
"We have been using Bruce form A1 Pest Control for over 4 years now. We bought our new house on the Hills Area, and moved in. our neighbours had problem with rodents and spiders so they are using A1 next door. I asked them if they could come over and treat our house too, as i didn't want to chase pest around our home. The service was not only effective, but carried out without any smelly fumes that we have experienced in our last house. They solved problem next door and I haven't seen a bug since."
Melissa Topper
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"Bruce solved our commercial pest control problem in Castle Hill. Cockroaches were throughout our factory and they were completely gone after two visits from his exterminators. Just seeing one cockroach can lose us clients. I know now everyhing is ok, and our reputation is intact"
Raj Beri, Europa International
"Bruce from A1 Help us get rid of a bad spider infestation that have been troubling us for a while. It was done with low toxic spray and his crew even game me some cockroach and ant baits to get rid of them. I have recommended A1 to all my friends and family"
Carmel Thomas
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