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Pest Control Glossary

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Soil Sterilant: a chemical which oppresses growth of plants
and animals within soil/dirt. The effectiveness and duration varies by chemical
employed, some sterilizations are temporary whereas some are permanent.

Solution: a mixture of one or more chemicals and/or
substances in another which allows for all ingredients to be completely

Species: A group of individuals with similar build and a
capability of interbreed to produce fertile offspring.

Spot Treatment: applying a chemical/insecticide etc. to a
specific area

Spore: the reproductive organ which develops certain
bacterium and fungi that are strongly resistant to environmental influences but
become active under suitable conditions

Stomach Poisons: a series of poisons which are only lethal
if ingested by a bird, insect or rodent

Surfactant: A chemical which promotes the emulsification,
dispersion, spread and wetting properties of a pesticide/insecticide product

Suspension: solid particles which have been finely divided
within a liquid

Synergists: Materials/chemicals which can be used alongside
another active ingredient to enhance
the activity of a pesticide/insecticide

Systematic Insecticide: an insecticide which is applied and
absorbed by plant sap, this then exterminates any insects feeding on the plant
or residing inside it

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