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Pest Control Glossary

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Bait Shyness: the trait exhibited by some rats, mice, birds and other pests which avoid poisoned bait/traps

Bait Station: a container or structure designed with the purpose of holding bait. It also assists in keeping the bait clean, fresh and appealing to the targeted pest

Baseboard Spraying: Applying a liquid pesticide within a home by targeting 6”-12” along the bottom of a wall/baseboard

Biological Control: a method of treatment which incorporates living organisms to aid in pest control. Organisms such as pathogens, germs, viruses and/or fungi are often employed in this process. Some parasites are used which attach to the host and result in its death. It might also be a reference to using predators such as cats to counteract a rodent problem

BoricAcid: pesticides/insecticides which contain boric acid are registered for use as insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. They act as stomach poison to ant, cockroach, silverfish and termite populations while other forms abrade the exoskeletons of an insect.

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