Australia’s Infamous Ticks and Fleas – How to Avoid Them!


The Sydney region, and more prominently the Northern Beaches, is known
for the abundance of ticks and the threat they pose to you, your children and
beloved pets. Though tick bites generally result in mild localized irritation
and nausea, allergic reactions and of course the plethora of tick borne
diseases. However, the paralysis tick can pose a severe threat to small
children or pets that can be affected by tick paralysis!



Many are alarmed when they’re told that Sydney is known for high tick
activity and infestations but by taking precautions and regularly checking
yourself all over you can avoid the negative effects of a tick bite that goes
unnoticed. The effects of a tick bite can vary depending on their stage of
development, ranging from nymph to adult and the only way for ticks to grow is
to have frequent “blood meals” which is why we’re at risk.


Ticks are most active during the warmer seasons, summer, spring and
autumn but some ticks are still active during winter. They tend to hang out it
thick brush or foliage as well as tall grass where they await their
unsuspecting victim. This makes it essential to thoroughly check your body
after travelling through such an area. If you’re frequently required to pass
through heavy shrubs then it might be a good idea to invest in a set of
overalls that has been impregnated with a pesticide (permethrin) which is known
to be an effective deterrent.



Lyme disease is another issue that ticks are propagating in Australia
which has symptoms such as headache, fever as well as muscle or joint aches and
excessive fatigue. The risk involved with Lyme disease is that in the latter
stages it can spread through the bloodstream and can end up in the brain
causing an infection. Due to the risks involved in tick infestations and
control it might be best to consult a professional, tick control is a complex
procedure and involves a variety of approaches when done effectively. DIY
treatments are known to be ineffective and fail in controlling severe
infestations, ticks aren’t a pest that you want to make mistakes with and they
should be exterminated as quickly as possible.


Fleas are also known to be a common threat in the same areas that
ticks populate. We’ve got an abundance of information regarding fleas so feel
free to read through it all. We can do a combined treatment for both Ticks and
Flea control at a discounted rate! Contact us today to secure a spot.


A1 Pest Control has over 30 years of experience and we’ve successfully
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pesticides are all high quality, low toxic varieties and are safe for use
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