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Flying Insects – Keeping Them Away From Your Business or Home

Everyone knows what a nuisance flying insects can be when you’re hosting a party or barbecue in an outdoor entertaining area; and for restaurants, cafes and take away food stores, they can be much more than a nuisance – their presence can put customers off purchasing food from your business, or prompt them to decide not to return to your premises.

Whether the problem is flies or mosquitos, customers or guests can become annoyed and uncomfortable on your premises. When it comes to flies, the vast majority of people are well aware of this humble insect’s ability to spread disease, and there’s nothing that will send a food customer away faster than seeing flies on food or anywhere near a food preparation area. And if you have an outdoor eating area, you want your customers to remember their meal for its taste and quality – not because they had to constantly swish away flies as they ate it!

Mosquitos are no better. They too spread disease and with so many people sensitive to mosquito bites, they’re no less annoying that flies.

Professional Control Solutions for Flying Insects

“There are many, many different methods to control flying insects but knowing which ones work is often key. Reading this article and checking out our other web pages devoted to information on pests can set you up for a win. We pride ourselves in diligent and persistent pest control treatments.” – Bruce Gow

If you want to get professional in your efforts to control flying insects there are some excellent products available. For fly control, a quality fly trap like the Vector Plasma may do the trick. This trap has a higher UV light output than older products which helps it to attract flies faster. The energy usage of this unit is also less than many similar fly traps.

Controlling mosquitos used to be quite difficult but now you can install the Black Hole Mosquito trap – your customers or guests will thank you! This device produces CO2 and has a black light. The CO2 attracts nearby mosquitos and sandflies and the black light attracts flies and moths. For all of these flying insects the result is the same – they enter the trap and cannot find their way out.

Controlling Flies and Mosquitos at Home

Flies and mosquitos can be even more annoying in the home environment because we spend so much time there – and if you have an outdoor area, you want to be able to enjoy it! The Vector Plasma and Black Hole Mosquito trap are also excellent solutions for the suburban back yard however, before you invest in these solutions, there are other things you may be able to do to reduce the problem:

• If you have pets, ensure that their droppings aren’t left on the lawn or garden to attract flies.
• If you have an open compost pile in the garden, consider opting for a sealed garden compost bin – flies love compost!
• Remove stagnant water from the bases of plant pots or other areas in your yard where water may have collected after rain – mosquitos breed in stagnant water.

If you need a little professional help to control flying insects, feel free to call us for advice or to order your Vector Plasma fly trap or Black Hole Mosquito trap.

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or send us a message if you have a problem with Flying insects or need flying insect treatment.

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